What Mel Knows

Welcome to the first post on the blog What Mel Knows.  

This is a space to discover modern communication methods from practical explanations.

I started this blog after working for a few years in web sites and social media.

I realised that there was a gap in the market of accessible education on the subject.

Why is this information free to the world?

What Mel Knows informs the world of so much goodness, because it is the basic first step on people’s journeys to their own content creation.

You can’t create your own content unless you know the options. That’s what this site does. It presents the options.

Then the next step is to sit down for regular sessions and create a whole lot of content.


Today’s world places a high value on time. 

Everyone knows how to make a sandwich. Yet they still pay plenty of hard earned dollars for other people to make sandwiches for them.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But the value isn’t on the knowledge itself. It’s on the time that is saved from someone else doing it.


Digital communication specialists can save you time. 

You my know a bit, or a lot, about digital communication. But quality communication requires lots of time spent on research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Chances are you might have other interests in your life that are higher priorities.

That’s why it’s important to know what you need for your digital presence, and then arrange for someone else to implement it.
Communications technology is constantly evolving. 

The options are changing. Innovations are more convenient. This blog is the place to hear about the latest and greatest online communications techniques.


It’s all happening at the blog What Mel Knows.

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