Social media is basic in modern marketing

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Social Media and Digital Life

Social media is where it’s at. It is vital for any marketing campaign made in this half of the 21st Century. A brand cannot attract reach and memorability without a consistent social media presence.

Big Brands and Beginners 

Big brands may make headlines in mass media, simply by posting on social media. Newer or lesser known brands need to do more outreach in their social media campaigns, to ensure they gain attention and awareness from desired audiences.

Spend Money to Make Money 

Emerging brands may need to pay money to reach relevant targeted market segments on social media. This is not ‘buying likes’ or ‘faking it.’ It’s about ‘sponsored posts’ and ads, which will appear in targeted markets’ searches. The brand would be boosted in a ranked list of search results, even if it would not ‘organically’ be ranked by popularity and other criteria.

Paid Content 

Paid social media advertisements do not have to break the bank. Initial ads can start at just $5 for small scale campaigns. The priority is to narrow the reach to very specific targeting.

Mass Targeting

Say you’re a special interest group. But you want the whole world to click on your link. Very few campaign budgets can afford to reach the entire online population. So out of a general group of people, only a small portion would be relevant and interested in your product. Then only a tinier percentage of those relevant people are likely to actually click the link.

Niche Targeting

But if your reached audience is entirely relevant targeted market segments, then they are all potential customers. Maybe a small portion of the relevant group will actually click through on your message. But it the odds would be in your favour more than a ‘scatter’ approach. Remember, keep it targeted.

Organic Free Online Content 

The word ‘organic’ is used very colourfully in the online world. It doesn’t just refer to foods which are free from pesticides. The online context of ‘organic’ is something that gains attention without a paid or commercial boost.


Google Keywords is a great way to organically assist the relevance of your campaign. People search particular phrases when using a search engine. Some phrases are more popular than others. You can include those popular terms in your writing, so Google can recognise it as a match for searches.

Follow Trends in a Unique Way

Social media profiles can get attention simply for being fresh and relevant. Simply following a trend makes a brand blend into the crowd. But combine trending topics with a unique style to really stand out.

Hash Tags 

One example of this is the hashtag #illridewithyou. Rachael Jacobs, from Brisbane, created the statement after the Martin Place siege (SMH). The topic itself was already heavily discussed. Everyone wanted to know about those people who got held up by a gun man in a Lindt coffee shop. Rachael spun the topic into her own unique flavour of commentary. Her message was that she would ride with Muslims on public transport, never fearing stereotypes at the time. The point is to discuss something people can relate to, but in a way that stands out.

Continue Innovative Social Media   

Digital communications are evolving all the time. A whole new vocabulary has evolved –  organic trending hash tags would have sounded like gibberish a few decades ago. Online lingo will continue to change. You need to implement these ideas as part of today’s marketing requirements. They are not definitive. They are not set in stone. Be a continuous learner in the weird wonderful world wide web.

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