The Top Tactic for Successful Social Media

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The top technique in social media is enthusiasm. Stay with me the idea for a moment. This is not another cliched motivational message. It is how to actually achieve digital communication.

Plenty of professionals endure good-intentioned teachings about the new digital age. Advocates can focus on the ‘why’ or the ‘how.’ It typically either convinces people to get started, or shows them how to implement digital media.

Individuals could learn all about the benefits and methods for digital. That will do nothing if they simply do not feel passionate about it. And that is ok. We don’t have to like everything. There is too much pressure on traditional types of adapt. You don’t have to learn all the new tech yourself. Leave it to the specialists (like me).

What do I specialise in? Feeling enthusiastic about digital communications. I love the ease with which I can tell people about something. Some great news makes me think, “I want to tell people about this!” That’s what digital communications are for. I genuinely love informing people about things that benefit them.

Traditional types might want to spread the word about great events too. But, for them, implementation does not bring enthusiasm. The stereotype is that digital is easy. “Just click a few buttons”, they say. “Figure it out in a few minutes”, newbies assume. Then reality kicks in. And nobody is feeling motivated or enthusiastic. That’s where I come in.

I could tell you all the ways to create your own digital campaigns. I could show you how to edit the HTML in the CMS web code, import contact lists in the EDM, move anchors on the vector graphics, and track the trending topics with hash tags. Are you feeling exhausted yet? It’s ok.

There is no need to rush the traditional types in their transitions to social and web based chattiness. Give those guys a break and treat them to a coffee. Let them chill out. Why?

They don’t have to do it all themselves!

You can lead a horse to water…

Lesson learned: Run with the enthusiasm levels of the traditional types you’re dealing with. If they want to try something new on their own, that’s great. If they feel it is too much, encourage them to delegate the innovation to a specialist. Adapt to the enthusiasm that feels comfortable. Either try digital implementation, or give it a break.

Delegation is perfectly acceptable. Enthusiasm is the very first step before considering creating digital communications.

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