How to Customise Vector Graphics

MW version creatively communicate for your organisation eps from iStock png-01

Illustrations can be attention-grabbing in any online content. Anyone can create and customise a vector image.

Anyone can think creatively by simply connecting customers with content. The online world is very visual. Apps like Instagram encourage storytelling through imagery.

Visual understanding is one of the three types of learning – the others being hearing and doing. Why not appeal to the visual segments of your audience!

Images can also convey information very quickly. People can get impressions of ideas with just a glance. The old cliche is true – a picture tells a thousand words.

The above graphic is an example of a simple message told through an illustration. Drawings, like this one, are easily found on the iStock web site and other stock image providers.

Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (eps) sound very technical. Yet these crisp drawings can be achieved with a few simple steps.

First, download an image which you have licence and rights to. Get up to speed on licensing lingo like Creative Commons with a web site like Creative Commons Australia. Find a similar guide which is specific to your country’s own laws.

Secondly, open the file in Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector editing software program. Make a few tiny changes. This one had the book mark duplicated. Then the heading was changed for greater relevance. You can change the colours, shapes and anything you desire. Try to choose changes that will best represent your brand’s personality.

Thirdly, export the customised vector file as an image that can be uploaded onto your web site. Popular formats are PNG or JPEG. Then just click the upload button in your site’s media manager and include it in a page. Easy!

Stock vector graphics are very user friendly. They require minimal customisation, if at all. A strong illustration can be attention grabbing, entertaining and informative.


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