Ways to attract audiences on Instagram

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Ways to attract audiences on Instagram


What is a hash tag? It is a topic people are talking about. Simply format a word as #hashtag with the # at the start.

Have a look at the trending hashtags on Instagram. When you start writing a word, the most popular variations will appear as suggestions. Sites such as Webstagram will show rankings of hash tags.

If you see a hash tag on a post, just click on the word to see everything anyone says about the topic. It’s that easy.

Comment and Converse

Give real feedback to other users on Instagram. Be targeted. Choose profiles which are relevant to your niche. Be honest but nice. Social media is often compared to a cocktail party. If in doubt, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say face to face.

Share Your Profile Tag Name

Add Instagram follow buttons on your web site. Write the URL or name in stationary and email signatures. Download the Instagram logo. Feature it in ways that comply with the brand guidelines.

Share Your Content

A convenient share button is built into Instagram. Connect your account to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr. You can benefit from your already established social networks online. Let all your other followers know about your profile.

Tell Your Actual Friends

Let your friends know about your Instagram profile. Your current friends can follow your Instagram profile. This can make you look more popular than if you had no followers at all. Keep hash tagging after this, and new people will be happy to see what you shared.

Like a Lot

You might get a warm feeling when people like a picture you posted. Chances are, other people feel the same way. Find as many Instagram accounts as possible, within your niche of interest. Instagram is a community of individuals who should encourage each other by congratulating creativity.

Combine Techniques

Instagram is a great community where you can share appropriate pictures. You can attract followers on Instagram through a bunch of easy options. Find a few trending hash tags and write about them in the captions. Comment in cool conversations with people who will hopefully follow you. Share your content on other social media. Let everyone know about your URL and Instagram name. Most of all, have fun in an appropriate way.

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