Twitter Profile Pics and Headers


Twitter Profile Picture and Header Designs

Customising social media graphic designs for Twitter

Twitter profiles look best with customised content. Easy methods can help in adapting images.

Size of a Twitter profile picture

Twitter profile pictures should be created at 400 pixels squared for Twitter. This image will be quite little. So it should be simple and not cluttered. Logos or head shots are ideal.

Size of a Twitter header image

Twitter header photos look best when made at 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. Check out these Twitter header makers at Canva, Fotor, FotoJet and pagemodo.

Displays on web and mobile

Keep in mind the final display that appears on your brand’s Twitter page.

The profile picture may be ‘overlapping’ on top of the header, blocking off the lower left corner of the image. That is ok. The following ideas will help.

Content in a Twitter header image

Just keep the main content in the middle of the header image. Backgrounds are fine for the edges of the header image.

This guideline can apply for most social media sites.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson manages Twitter graphics

Melanie Suzanne Wilson consults and manages digital communications campaigns.

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