History of Blogging

Blogging is Diverse

Blogging is now established as a format all of its own. Blogs are staples for individuals, communities and organisations. Yet the old weblog started from humble beginnings.

Technology in 1994

Usage of blog platforms changed as the technology evolved. According to New York Magazine, blogging was first practiced in 1994 by a student.

Naming in 1999

The name “blog” took over from a longer “weblog” in 1999. User-friendly sites were then offered for consumers. Blogger is one of the earliest.

Ads in 2003

Google Adsense was launched in 2003 to accompany the ‘blogosphere’ of content.

News in 2005

Then the Huffington Post launched in 2005, redefining the potential success of self published blog news web sites.

Lifestyle in 2007

Mia Freedman started the Australian blog Mamamia at her home in 2007, bringing concepts from a career in women’s magazines.

Where to from here

Blogs served different purposes to different people. Just like other communication purposes, a blog can do many things. It can inform, persuade, inspire or entertain.

Quality can be just as good from an office or a couch. Anyone can do almost anything on a blog. The real secret to blogging is quality communication techniques.

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