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Finding a Niche

Niche Targeting for Successful Brands

Today’s brands require niche targeting for fulfilment of market segments’ needs. Specialisation can harness the strengths of a brand personality. This shapes the product, price, place and promotion.

Targeted Needs Differ for Diverse Market and Audience Segments

Targeting is about serving the similar needs of clustered like-minded individuals. This is done in most communications professions.

A journalistic piece about tee shirts will be targeted very differently to technically capable designers, compared to simplified explanations for consumers.

Marketing strategies will differ greatly for bargain hunting consumers, in comparison to high end luxury pampered people. Minimalists possess less requirements than those creative consumers who customise styles.

Public relations campaigns would vary again, for more than just consumers. They would continue diversification when communicating for the needs of stakeholders, such as shareholders and employees.

Niche Strategies Serve Needs Beyond Masses

Everything is targeted. And niche strategies hone in on special interests that unique groups can possess. They focus on strengths which may not be served by mass marketed goods and services.

The days of mass advertising definitely reigned more during Mad Men days than now. Don Draper would have fantasised about one product being bought by every family in a nation. All those concepts are now not fully followed – single product, predictable households, selling to a nation. This is simply no longer the ideal.

Differentiation and Uniqueness Over Pricing and Predictability

A global economy of the 21st Century facilitates greater competition between a prolific array of brands. Pricing is no longer as sustainable as differentiation.

Comparison is easier as people see prices listed on Google. Yet many of these sites offer plain simple items, or long lists for viewers to scroll through.

Content and product creators are turning to niche strategies to counter the old mass messaging. Points of difference are emphasised to smaller circles of loyal followers.

Case Studies Show More Niche Stories

Hourglass Apparel Australia, an online retailer for Aussie audiences, offers dedicated editorial based on every featured fashion product piece.

Garments and accessories are linked within informative blog articles. They form part of a unique culture of creative community.

What Other Brand Managers Can Do

Many other brands can aim for the same niche strategies. All they need to do is target precise needs of smaller groups of people.

Multiple messages can be communicated separately for different audiences or market segments. These campaigns may just need to be conveyed separately and perhaps on different media platforms.

It often starts with a simple brain storm and mind map.

Now is the time to try niche needs.

Geometric print scarf at Hourglass Apparel
Geometric print scarf at Hourglass Apparel


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