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Every Brand Needs Tangible Value

tangible experience of brands
Tangibility can be achieved by online brands as much as offline. Image: iStock

Every Brand Needs Tangible Value

Brands must start bringing tangible signs of value to their audiences. Although value can be an abstract concept – something that brings benefits to fulfil people’s needs – followers want signs to sense a brand’s personality.

Branding is more experiential as ever. People want to see a brand’s meaning, hear something reassuring, hear the right tones and feel relics of brands. Combinations of digital and non-digital communication must be combined to completely convey the meaning behind brands’ personalities.

Sensory Sides of e-Commerce

e-commerce is a revolutionary way to bring value to more people in further locations. Online commerce can become more tangible through signs of value. Some of the best online stores will accompany shipped products with customised letters, carefully designed packaging and neatly presented products. Return policies allow for customers to tangibly see and tough physical products, therefore being allowed informed decision making processes. Effort can be shown from a distance.

Bringing the Web to Life with Events

Blog publishers are now seeing the value in bringing their online cultures into the non-virtual realm through events. Quality engaging event management allows virtual audiences to see key individuals face-to-face in occasional experiential augmented services. The best branded events extend cultures which already exist through engaging web sites. These creators often realise that a brand is now a lifestyle, a way of life, not simply a logo. A brand should be identified by a solution to a problem, not an industry or category.

Souvenirs in a Virtual World

Souvenirs have long been trusted methods of continuing brands’ tangibility. Many successful web sites now feature souvenirs and memorabilia, which can be purchased after great experiences at those sites. Audiences need to get what they need from the communications of a web site. Then they will want more. That’s when there is further need for tangibility. Souvenirs and memorabilia can satisfy audiences’ desires to experience cultures of web sites in their every day life.

Create Virtual and Non-Virtual Tangible Value

 Physical tangible evidence, such as printouts and memorabilia, always supplemented intangible services or distant media. Brands are required more than ever to create entire experiences and supplementary services around their core products.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications and lifestyle specialist
Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications and lifestyle specialist


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