Why WordPress is Wonderful

Why WordPress is Wonderful

WordPress is known for a balance between user-friendly navigation and customisation. The options available are determined by a ‘theme.’ A WordPress theme determines the appearance of the web site, and can allow varying amounts of customised content. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes. It’s worth checking some out to see the vast variety on offer.

See it on your browser

WordPress is browser-based. It’s convenient. There’s nothing easier than editing a blog on the go from basically any location with internet access.

It also allows multiple users. Simply add an email address, wait for the person to accept, and then that person has access. There are different levels of users for easier security.

Blogging is the core capability of WordPress. It was originally meant for blogs. So it comfortably houses functions like blog posts. Streams of posts can flow along home pages.

Posts are organised much more than streams. Most themes offer calendars, popularity lists, and categories. This ensures optimum navigation to topics of interest to readers.

Web Sites Beyond Blogging

Despite the blogging background, it comfortably creates quality web sites. Many brands trust WordPress for their main web sites. Some themes allow tiles of pictures. Other sites fit in just the right amount of text. It can showcase the good bits of all sorts of different brands.

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

There are two types of WordPress sites. WordPress.com is the basic version most people sign up for. WordPress.org is the hosted customised version.

WordPress.com starts free and has basic features. Some themes can be chosen. But they cannot be fully customised in every way. It is fine if a site just needs simple text and pictures. There are many creative things to be done with simple wordpress.com sites.

A completely free web site would have a URL looking like this: whatmelknows.wordpress.com. URLs can be bought relatively cheaply from WordPress or other domain providers. This one is whatmelknows.com. It won’t have “.wordpress” in the URL. These URLs look more unique. A free site is fine for a beginner blog. It’s worth buying a domain URL for a ‘professional’ or branded site. Those are the main characteristics and budgets of the wordpress.com capabilities.

The alternative is a ‘hosted‘ wordpress.org web site. These are hosted on external locations like Siteground etc. This option allows for greater customisation. More plugins are available. A plugin can create slider galleries, widgets, contact forms, and almost anything. The wordpress.org home page says, “The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.” This description, provided by wordpress.org, summarises the purpose perfectly.

Endless Benefits

There are so many benefits to WordPress. The best way to discover the up sides is to start. Sign up to WordPress. Experiment with what it can do. The possibilities really are endless.

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