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How to Create a WordPress Site

How to Create a WordPress Site is a platform for free user-friendly web sites and blogs. A few simple steps will bring any site from beginner to brilliant.

Why is the free version of WordPress. It is a great starting point for newcomers. Not only is there no startup cost, but users also do not have to figure out hosting. That is all taken care of.

A domain name can be purchased if desired. This is the URL people type in to then see the web site publicly. Customised domains are essential for any brands, but not needed for those who are learning through practice.

Hosted sites offer further functionality for organisations, businesses and personal branding. But this can be understood more later after getting familiar with the basics.

Get Started on WordPress with a Purpose

WordPress may ask you about the purpose of the site. This can influence features later on.

Screen Shot: Selecting a purpose of the new web site or blog on WordPress.
Screen Shot: Selecting a purpose of the new web site or blog on WordPress.

Choose a Layout of the Web Site or Blog

Select a general layout style for the home page to arrange content. It can be a list of blog posts, a static welcome page or grid of latest posts. Lists emphasise most recent items, great for key news. Grids show multiple items at once, allowing more content to be seen quicker. Consider which layout best suits your purpose.

Screen Shot: Layout options on WordPress
Screen Shot: Layout options on WordPress

Choose a Theme for a WordPress Site

Themes are specific templates, with more detailed options than the general layouts. There are many different themes to choose from. This can be changed at any time. Although content may need to be customised to suit a new theme.

Screen Shot: Select a theme for a WordPress site.
Screen Shot: Select a theme for a WordPress site.

Find a Domain for the Web Site URL

Search for a new or existing domain name. There are ways to transfer a domain that you already own. Or you can search for a new domain that is not owned by anyone else. Use something descriptive – based on your topic, product or Google Keywords. Keep it simple and easy to spell. Remember, people should be able to find the domain address without becoming confused.

URLs now have various domains, such as ORG and COM. Dot org URLs are great for organisations. Dot com URLs are perfect for companies. More domains are now available, such as .studio and .video.  You can purchase multiple extensions if they are available.

Start Creating Content

After a few more details, like buying optional customised domains, it is time to start creating content. Your basic WordPress site can easily feature text, images, embedded Youtube videos and many other forms of media. Enjoy!

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