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Novelty and Surprise Are Be Great PR

Novelty and surprise can be strong public relations techniques

Novelty still gains people’s attention. This can be communicated by saying something or nothing. Anything out of the ordinary will have people wanting to know more.

Kendall Jenner recently made headlines after she deactivated her Instagram account. Perhaps there were personal reasons for this move. But whatever the actual intention, this professional model and television personality made a significant PR move. This happened during the release of her latest book, which was co-written with sister Kylie. Whether intentional or not, the break from a single app made headlines more than a Kardashian or Jenner releasing yet another product.

People are used to seeing selfies from the Kardashian sisters on social media. Daring outfits are almost expected now. Kendall has already shocked followers by going bra-less in public, as seen in Vogue. She already wears designer pieces in her modelling. All the Kardashians are facing a big question: Once someone has shared everything, what else is there to give?

When a brand has done such prolific moves, what else will be newsworthy? Doing nothing on social media would be more unusual than doing something at all. By deleting her Instagram and not looking at Twitter, she did something different enough to be considered newsworthy.

Clevver News was one of the many media outlets to share the interview. Kendall Jenner’s decision gained global attention so soon after serious events, such as the US election. Newsworthiness was thoroughly achieved.

The Kardashians, once again, have conquered the public relations of social media. Bravo.
Kendall recently shared the book on Twitter. A writer with 20.3 million Twitter followers can afford to have space from Instagram.

Some sisters may be changing their approaches to privacy, after Kim Kardashian avoided social media following the robbery. But the family definitely has not disappeared entirely from the limelight. Each public sibling has a company to run. Media coverage is the livelihood of the ever growing Kardashian/Jenner family. And every public-facing individual can learn from their strategies.

Novelty is a powerful news value, which can be leveraged in any public relations campaign or strategy. Communications publishers can aim for contrast. A social page could go from typically casual, to a more formal post. Or a normally filtered refined brand can suddenly publish a raw unfiltered ‘behind the scenes’ photo. Those who post every few days could suddenly publish a bunch of posts at once. Mixing it up is a powerful strategy in the world of digital content communication. 

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