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Self Publishing is Essential

Every Professional Should Self-Publish

Self-publishing is now a basic necessity for any individuals who position themselves as experts.

Digital Publishing

There is no excuse for not sharing quality articles and other content. User-friendly blog sites allow anyone to share expertise on modern web sites.

Use the medium that you feel comfortable with. Some people are charismatic presenters and enjoy hosting videos on Youtube. Witty writers may prefer to publish articles as blog posts. Verbal versions of stories may be best served in audio, through podcasts. Know your strengths when it comes to body language, speaking or writing. Then translate these talents to the digital space.

Presence in the Online Conversation

Every industry has a conversation. It could be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or on web sites that appear on Google. There is no need to be everywhere, but targeted messages on relevant spaces are now necessary.

The minimum is to be present on the platform that is followed by an industry’s audience. Get your word in by giving wise advice to people who will benefit from hearing it.

Instead of giving free advice, provide bits of an idea that can then be elaborated on in a paid space. Generalised guides can be freely shared online, to showcase what you can do. Then tailored advice can be provided at the appropriate value, for specific customers’ situations.

Collaborate With Fellow Experts

Industry leaders are now working together for combined projects. There are lots of options. You can publish an interview with a mentor or industry veteran. Or why not team up with someone with similar skills – it could even lead to a corporate partnership.

Contribute to Established Publications

Share a single article with a known publication, to reach a greater audience. Make sure to include information about where people can read more of your content.

Regular Updates

Steady updated content should be published at a predictable pace. Blog post articles can be published daily, weekly or fortnightly. Some companies aim for one or two stories per month. However, further frequent updates can keep followers better informed.

Continuous Education

Many leaders continue to learn more about their chosen fields. There is no point at which any person knows everything. And more qualifications can add credibility. So try a short course for a few days, or a new degree over a few years. If your techniques or concepts do not involve newer methods of fresh recent professionals, simply find a way to update your skills. Then your newly published ideas will be influenced by the latest trends.

Start Self-Publishing Now

There is no time like the present. Do not waste valuable minutes, delaying due to fear of the unknown. Start publishing your own pearls of wisdom right now. Your industry will benefit from what you have to say.

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