Scheduled digital communications

Continuously Publishing Content Over Time

Continue Publishing Branded Content for Sustainable Results

Branded content creation must be maintained over time. It is better to scatter blog posts, to keep a presence in audiences’ minds.

Blog Post Articles Don’t Have to Be Daily

Some individuals and organisations may not be willing to publish blog posts every single day. It can be a lot of content to create, curate and collaborate.

Achievable Goals for Content Creation

Other tasks will take up time in the day, as much as content creation will dominate valuable hours. Marketing communications should not bury a communications worker or leader, in a big pile of to-do-lists. Just like any goal, branded content should be achievable.

Some prominent brands only publish blog stories every few days or weekly. This approach works for the scheduled time they are happy to allocate.

Comfortable Work Loads for Branded Communications

Creative communications are made by human beings, who can become emotionally overwhelmed or physically exhausted. Blogging, in particular, is rarely the only task a professional needs to do. Managers have other priorities to manage. Entrepreneurs have the rest of the business to check on.

Do What is Right For You

A balanced approach is the way to go. If daily publishing is too much, there is a solution. Either make the articles for a small amount of time per day, or make it at once and stagnate the publishing. Automated scheduling can be used to spread out publications. Branded blogging is looking easier already!

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