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Facebook Advertisements for Brand Awareness

Facebook Advertisements Are As Useful for Brand Awareness as Conversions

A quality Facebook advertisement can grow awareness of a new brand, before conversions are achieved. Yes, the end goal is for audiences to be converted into customers or participants.

Behavioural change is the general goal of most marketing communications and advertising. This is why marketing managers and business owners often want to see quick conversions from Facebook Ads. Managers can want customers to buy a product, book in for a service, participate in an ongoing program, donate to a cause or generally do something. This can take more time than expected.

There is a journey towards conversions. Brand awareness is a step in the right direction. People need to know about a product or service, before they can even consider using it. There is great difficulty in expecting people to buy something, if they do not know it exists. A Facebook advertisement can help with awareness on the road to more sales.

Facebook ads are great when you’re promoting your own business, or an organisation you work for. Many people go for the ‘pay per click’ approach to paid online advertising. This means you only pay the provider, in this instance Facebook, when someone clicks through the advertisement to a link. This is a highly cost effective way for potential customers to click though and visit the brand’s web site. These people will see information about the brand and think about it in the future, whether they make an instant purchase or not.

More people in the targeted audience will see the advertisement, even if they have not clicked through to the web site. Users can view the ad in their ‘news feeds’ as they browse Facebook. They will discover your brand and become aware of it on some level. It might go to the back of someone’s mind. That individual might only remember the brand when being reminded. Or other potential customers could be considering a purchase but want time to decide. Any reach out to targeted audiences is a good advertisement.

Every entrepreneur or organisation should only spend a responsible amount on Facebook advertising. A small achievement can be made even with tiny amounts of cash. Of course, greater results can occur from larger investments. But no matter how much is done for your brand’s early Facebook advertising, it is worth the effort. Valuable awareness and brand positioning will transform perception of your brand.

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