Branding Tips in Targeting Women’s Audiences

Marketing and Branding Advice for Targeting Young Female Audiences

There is a growing group of female entrepreneurs who are marketing consultants, life coaches, business coaches and motivational speakers. A trend has formed when these women are positioning their brands to serve fellow women. Simple strategies can give your brand a similar feminine image.

Pastel and Metallic Brand Colours

Pretty pastels have taken over some of the colour schemes for women’s online communities. You can choose your own gentle shades, with your own unique twist. Browse the colours at Pantone, a company that is known for creating recognised precise palettes. Choose a hue that suits your brand and personality, without being too much like your competitors. You want to stand out in your own right.

Handwritten Fonts

Plenty of providers now offer special fonts, that can be installed in the programs on your computer. Some handwritten-style fonts are already featured in the software you use. These cursive styles are mainly used for headings, banners and other larger written spaces. Then a simple readable Arial or Times New Roman should be used for the body of your text. This is an easy way to create an eye-catching headline, then give readable content to draw in your audiences.


Owners of services can publish testimonials, to add credibility from an external source. You can do the same. Ask one of your past customers to share how your brand changed his or her life. It should be just a few brief lines, for audiences to read at a glance. An honest individual could email written comments before you share the words on your web site. It’s that easy.

Services have a level of intangibility. Consumers like to see signs or evidence of quality, to reduce the perceived risk of booking in to experience a brand. Whereas a product can be held or seen, a service is an experience that will happen at a particular time. You can publish a testimonial that gives people a sense of what to expect from your brand.

Images That Suggest Life Balance

Brand imagery in women’s communities can be about work-life-balance. Many female audiences are balancing employed work, entrepreneurial efforts, romantic relationships, family, friendships and hobbies. Life is busier than ever.

Photos will be most relatable, when they are about the broad spectrum of life. It will give the impression that you care about more than customer satisfaction of a professional product. Your brand will appear relevant in women’s entire lives.

Embrace Your Feminine Side

These techniques can contribute towards a pretty feminine brand image, when advertising to women. Try some gentle colours, cursive fonts, testimonials and images of life balance. These are ways to relate to fellow women as serious educated professional individuals, who also hold diverse balanced lives.

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