Diversifying in Communications and Business

Diversity With Multiple Creative Projects

Versatile diverse projects are more possible with today’s digital technology. There is more fulfilment in experimenting with a few different creative works, products or services.

The saying goes, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ It is easier than ever to avoid relying one one single creative outlet or business activity. Variety can be interesting. It allows us to figure out what works through trial and error. If one thing is not finding huge success, something else can grow at the same time.

I created this blog out of, to use a word from The Simpsons, my ‘know-it-all-ism.’ It was in response to Gen X and Baby Boomers who were struggling to understand the internet and social media. What Mel Knows became a way for me to express my technical knowledge, in the hopes that someone might learn from my writing.

I don’t claim to know everything. Nobody knows everything in the world. But blogs are great ways to share out knowledge with those who can benefit from it. That was the main intention behind this blog. I don’t write on it all the time. Some people blog daily for all sort of reasons – consistency, reach etc. This blog is sitting there and ready for when I want it.

All my blogs are great creative outlets. They are not meant to be relied upon financially or creatively. Some people want to make money from a blog. That is a great idea that I might try in time. But I do other things commercially – freelance content creation, an online store and whatever I think of next.

Anyone who blogs at least every month or week should have an online store. They are just so easy to set up. I have had close friends worrying that I would struggle to ‘rely’ on such a shop. But that’s just the thing. Society is beyond the days when you do one thing and it keeps you alive. There are more reasons to be commercial than to make a living.

An online store brings the culture of a blog into people’s everyday lives. Some traditional newspapers now have online shops for selling consumer lifestyle goods on their web sites. Plenty of bloggers already sell products through various methods such as Instagram shopping, drop shipping or products from the blog’s brand. All these methods are easy enough to implement.

Creative people can commercialise their publications with user-friendly options that did not exist five or ten years ago. Advertising is another way to diversify the business of blogging. Google Adsense is the classic. Or companies can contact the the blogger directly. Once again, please don’t expect to sit back and watch the cash roll in after installing advertising space on a blog. Think of yourself like a jack of all trades. And that isn’t a bad thing. If there is an option to do something beneficial, why not?

Some bloggers have other jobs and just publish on the side of other efforts. Yes, there are career bloggers who are self-employed and may even hire other people. However, bloggers can do so many other jobs if they prefer. I previously blogged on the side of full time and part time work. Articles were just published when I got the time in an evening. Bloggers can create content on the side of freelancing, entrepreneurial ventures or careers in entirely different fields.

Everyone will have an opinion on what we can do. All our activities should be thing we enjoy. Life is short. Work and creativity should be fulfilling. There is no reason to limit yourself to one job or hobby. Diverse projects can be pursued simultaneously.

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