Mobile communications

Discovering new social media and apps

Benefits of emerging apps

New phone apps are changing the ways in which we live our lives. It’s worth finding new apps for greater convenience and quality in various aspects of life.

Here are some of the apps I discovered:


All the people in the Houzz say…

This lifestyle app is like the Pinterest and Amazon of home improvement. Products can be bought through the Houzz app for all sorts of furnishing, decorating and living. General photos provide inspiration. Anyone can look at how others styled a home and then try the ideas. It’s a great way to look at changing a current or new home.


We are not all photographers. But we can appreciate a well captured picture. That’s where 500px comes in. Skilled photographers will want to include upload their creations onto this app. I enjoy browsing through the feed of images, which are more artistic than some commercial Instagram profiles. 500px brilliant inspiration.


The written word lives on in many forms. Good old fashioned paper books are still out there. E-books are equally beneficial. Goodreads brings together readers from around the world, ready to share their favourite literary treasures. Connect with a Facebook account and see what your friends are reading now.

More apps all the time

Further apps are emerging to broaden our cultural horizons. Let’s keep a lookout for the next amazing app.

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