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Showing Confidence During Public Speaking

Appearing Confident for Successful Public Speaking

Public speaking can feel terrifying. There are ways to show confidence when presenting a speech.

Slow Deep Breathing for Calm Speaking

Be conscious of steady breathing before and during the speech. Anxious panic can involve rapid breathing, which means we look flustered and might even talk too fast.

Take it easy. Find breathing apps or web sites about staying calm.

Pause Between Sentences and Avoid Filler Words

Pauses and filler words go hand in hand. People say words such as “like” and “um” to fill gaps and buy time when thinking of more ideas to say. Those filler words prevent tidy sentences that could be quoted by the media. That good old ‘um’ makes it look like the speaker is struggling to think of something to say. Such a speechless moment would not exude confidence. The word ‘like’ is tempting but often not useful. Be aware of any habitual filler words, but don’t become overwhelmed with guilt when those unwanted words accidentally slip back into speeches.

Pause in between sentences and phrases. This will give audiences a chance to mentally process the messages they heard. Ideas will sink in and influence listeners much more when time is allowed before the next idea in a speech. Deliberate pauses after phrases can prevent filler words. Stopping can also contribute to a steady pace and avoid rushing.

Practice Positive Posture

Posture is one of the simple forms of nonverbal communication. Open body language will give an appearance of confidence, encouraging audiences to accept what is being said.

Look in the morror to practice body language. Stand up straight with shoulders back. Look forward and avoid facing the floor or your hands. Remember to smile. Develop a relaxed yet powerful stance that can be sustained throughout the speech.

Power Dressing

Powerful outfits can help anyone to feel confident. The concept of power dressing might be associated with those big 80s suits. These days, a speaker can be empowered by wearing clothes that feel comfortable and professional.

Aim to be the best dressed person in the room. Take outfits to the next level at casual events, by throwing on a black blazer and avoiding denim. Stand out at formal engagements with a flattering elegant outfit. Bold jewellery can help any speaker to stand out on stage. Avoid accessories that jingle. Choose showy glam pieces that do not make noise, to visually command attention and ensure people hear the speech.

Confidence Through Preparation

Prepare the delivery of the speech, as much as the words themselves. Then you will feel confident about a strong familiar speech.

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