Fireworks celebration new years eve

It’s not too early to plan new year campaigns

Now is the time to plan campaigns for Christmas and the New Year

Be prepared and create marketing communications strategies now before the end of year holidays.

In my years working in marketing communications, one lesson stood out as a top rule for campaigns. Start planning early. Then implement as soon as possible.

Sure, some campaigns are based on timely new events that were not known earlier. Alterations might also be made closer to a deadline. But some campaigns are conveniently predictable.

I have, at times, seen established brands struggling to organise campaigns around celebrations. People become distracted by short-term efforts. Then big events are suddenly right around the corner.

But let’s be honest. We know every year will have a Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They are close together on the calendar. In Australia, NYE is normally followed by a big New Year’s Day in the sun and at beaches. Then, a just days later, Australia Day starts approaching. It’s two months of guaranteed seasonal festivity.

Other annual days are scattered throughout other months in the year. Think of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, End of Financial Year, Halloween and so on. Events are very easy themes for campaigns.

But let’s focus for a moment on that beautiful stage that is December and January. It’s a whole two months that can be filled with social gatherings, travel and special memories.

We are only now in July. The end of year is months away. However, it is better to be over-prepared than rushing at the last minute. Now that our overwhelming End-Of-Financial-Year (EOFY) drama has calmed down, it’s time to think about the future.

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