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Scheduling Facebook Posts

Scheduling Facebook Posts on a Profile or Page

Anyone can make social media posts in advance for greater time management. Users with Facebook pages have been scheduling posts for a while. Facebook now allows anyone to manage similar scheduling in their personal profiles.

I was scrolling through Facebook recently when a popup notified me of a new function, which will bring great benefits. For quite some time, I had already been scheduling posts in my page to have content prepared in advance. Now this can be done on the personal profile in a similar way.

Facebook schedule posts on profile
Scheduling a social media post in a Facebook profile

Here’s a question: Why would users use a technique in their personal space, that gave benefits in the ‘business’ or ‘branded’ places? My speculation is that many people share their page content with personal networks. There are also circumstances when foreseen personal messages could be shared later.

First of all, there is a practice of sharing page material in profiles. Unless a social media profile has settings that prevent the ‘public’ from seeing content, it makes sense to keep brand continuity between all platforms.

I hold the strong opinion that a page is the right place for any branded or business purposes. Analytics and advertising functions bring a greater beneficial reach and insight. Ads to complete strangers will reach greater numbers of people, compared to sharing with friends and asking them to share things with their friends. However, all platforms can allow networking and branding – especially when online images intersect with everyday life.

I generally avoided excessively pushing inspirational messages and business products to my Facebook friends. Then some close friends realised what I have on offer, and were surprised that I didn’t tell them sooner. Some told me that a bit of branded content is fine in the personal space, and could even benefit such communities, as long as it’s not overdone. Perhaps I had too strictly separated the two parts of my life.

Scheduling has clear benefits for any branded purposes. Whether you prepare posts directly in a platform like Facebook, or use an external platform like Hootsuite and Buffer, it frees up time later on.

Then some benefits become apparent for scheduling personal content in advance. Let’s say a close friend’s birthday is coming up. But you will be super busy on the day with commitments (working in the office, travelling where there’s less phone/internet, whatever the reason). You don’t want to miss out on giving that message to a friend. So you schedule the birthday wishes in advance. We can better juggle social connections and other life commitments, by preparing in advance.

Some events in the year are quite predictable. You know it’s coming. There’s Christmas, New Year, Easter, EOFY and much more. Whichever beliefs you hold, chances are there will be a celebration shared with your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great to declare your happiness about a celebration, without having to put time in during that happy day? You might not want an ongoing personal brand, just a message to those who are already connected with you.

Anyone can schedule joyful messages for communities that celebrate various occasions. Simply take a photo with your own camera, or find a stock image through paid services or free creative commons. Write your accompanying text and select the day/time at which you want the post to appear. Then you can relax and enjoy the day offline, whilst simultaneously reaching out in an automated-yet-genuine way.

These are just some of the benefits of scheduling social posts. I’m thrilled that a function allows people to schedule content in their Facebook profiles.


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