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About the What Mel Knows Site

What Mel Knows is an informative resource for anyone who wants to create online communications.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the creator of the web site. Melanie felt the need to inform and educate audiences about the creation of digital campaigns and publications. There is a gap in the market for easily understandable digital education, for decision makers to understand how the web would is implemented.

The name What Mel Knows stems from Melanie’s first web site, a blog called What Mel Wants. WMW was the casual personal blog about anything Melanie wanted in her life. WMK focuses on the knowledge and experience Melanie developed when working in the digital communications industry.

Working anywhere for life balance in the communications industry

About the Founder


Melanie Suzanne Wilson has an academic background in business, marketing and journalism. She also holds professional experience in public relations, graphic design, branded social media, web site content creation and customer relationship management.


She became Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford after marrying Clay Halford on 4th February 2017.

Melanie is the granddaughter of Gary Wilson OAM and Elizabeth Wilson OAM. Her grandparents received Medals of the Order of Australia for their leadership and public speaking in the community, including Toastmasters.


Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from the Western Sydney University in 2012. This undergraduate degree included arts electives in areas such as retail marketing, philosophy and cultural trends.

This enthusiastic storyteller is now studying for a Master of Arts (Journalism) with the University of Technology Sydney, alongside her professional corporate work. This postgraduate degree provided practical experience in digital journalistic techniques. Melanie interviewed fashion designers for the Fresh Fashion web site, managed online publishing as the Digital Editor of the At The Festival newspaper and wrote a column for the Vertigo newspaper. She proactively brings the skills from this course into digital content creation, for journalistic editorial purposes and also translating the skills to corporate branded communications.

Skills During Employed Marketing Work

Employed and entrepreneurial corporate experiences are equally valued by this multi-skilled content creator. Melanie has been employed in digital marketing and public relations communications since mid-2012. Her broad marketing responsibilities have included EDM emails on MailChip, event coordination, customer relationship management and social media marketing. Melanie created and managed branded web sites on WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Blogger. She now brings her variety of communications skills to independent self-publishing and business projects.

Self Publishing and Entrepreneurialism

After a well-rounded journey of learning modern communication techniques, Melanie now balances her academic and employed worlds with independent web sites. This includes her own entrepreneurial e-commerce, self-publishing and freelancing. Her official web site, melaniesuzannewilson.com, lists a portfolio and freelance offerings. Hourglass Apparel Australia, the online retail clothing store, offers affordable new fashion based on Melanie’s own personal style. Melanie enjoys sharing lifestyle advice on the site Shake Up Your Style. Her personal web site is What Mel Wants, with a focus on family and her own life.


Contact Melanie Suzanne Wilson at: melanie@melaniesuzannewilson.com

Melanie’s Official Web Site

See other services, products and publications from Melanie Suzanne Wilson at: melaniesuzannewilson.com.

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